Humanities at DkIT

Digital Humanities at Dundalk Institute of Technology, DkIT


About this programme

This Honours Arts degree in the Humanities disciplines of History, English, Archaeology, Politics & Society explores the way in which Digital Media are transforming how we interact and gather information and how we “do” humanities studies and research.  The traditional areas of the arts and humanities are being revolutionised by the impact of Digital Media that are revolutionising how we experience and understand the world and each other.  Vast volumes of information are readily accessible at a click, “crowd-sourcing” transforms research and social networks drive the “Arab Spring” across North Africa.  This BA (Homs) Humanities degree will deepen your understanding of particular fields of academic study in the traditional areas of the Arts; History-English Literature and Culture-Archaeology-Politics & Society; while applying Digital Media in order to explore the emerging field of Digital Humanities. Digital Humanities (also referred to as ‘Humanities Computing’) is the field where the disciplines of the Arts/Humanities and Digital Media intersect.  The degree programme will create Honours-level Arts Graduates that are also skilled users and creators of information in digital media, an increasingly important area in education and publishing.  As a graduate you will be able to integrate these new digital media with traditional scholarly activity in the Humanities.  As a graduate of this degree, you will be ACADEMICALLY QUALIFIED in TWO of the core Humanities disciplines: History; English Literature & Culture; Archaeology; Politics & Society; whilst also becoming a sophisticated CREATOR AND USER of Digital Media.


Graduates will be able to apply for accreditation with the Teaching Council for entry for post-Primary teaching in History, English, Civil Social & Political Education (CSPE).  Graduates with good degrees in their disciplines and offering a high level of Digital Media skills should be highly desirable as teachers in the “New Technology” classroom.

Graduates with a good 2.2 or higher degree will also be able to pursue further postgraduate degrees in their chosen arts subjects; e.g., an MA in History, or in English, Archaeology, Political Science in any university or college.

If your interest is in the specific area of Digital Humanities a new MA in Digital Humanities at NUI Maynooth or a new Ph.D in Digital Humanities by a consortium of TCD/UCD/NUI Maynooth (funded by PRTLI 5) will be available to allow you become a specialist in this new field.

Entry Requirements: A minimum of six passes in the leaving certificate with a minimum of two C3 grades in Higher Level papers. Entrants must achieve a C3 in Honours English or an A grade in Pass English.  There will be c.80 Places.  CAO entry in 2012 was at 305 points.


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